Sunday, 6 September 2015

Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan Inaugurated in the Parishes - Part 2

- From Archdiocesan News Network

Pastoral Plan Inauguration at Prabhu Jisur Girja

Inauguration of the Parish Pastoral Plan at Prabhu Jisur Girja took place during 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Masses 9 August, 2015. Special prayers were offered, for God’s blessings, for the fruitful implementation of the Pastoral Plan.

During the 8:00 a.m. Mass. Fr. Patrick Eaton, SJ gave an inspiring sermon explaining the meaning and purpose of the Pastoral Plan. During both Masses the flexes, supplied by the Archbishop’s House, were carried by the faithful to the altar as part of the offertory procession; symbolically offering all our efforts to the Lord as they were being placed in front of the altar.

During the evening Mass, after communion, Mr. Dilip Gomes explained the Pastoral Plan to the faithful. They were also shown the video in which our Archbishop, Rev. Thomas D’Souza, speaks about the necessity of implementing the Pastoral Plan.

After Mass, both in the morning and evening, the faithful gathered in the Parish Hall where the flexes were displayed in different booths. They filled up the slips, given to them along with the handouts, indicating the commission to which they wished to be added and submitted them.  It was a beautiful occasion for the faithful, young and old, to share and dialogue with one another their common concerns which, in turn, enabled them to make a spontaneous discernment before they decided and chose the commissions of which they wanted to be members.
The program ended with tea and snacks which, once again, provided an opportunity to the faithful to spend moments of joy and cordial relationship with one another.

-Reported by: Fr. Cyriac Sebastian SJ

Fort William Inaugurates Pastoral 

With a Mass on 9 August, 2015, St. Patrick’s Fort William inaugurated the Pastoral Plan under the guidance of our parish priest, Fr. Victor David.

During the Mass which was witnessed by all parishioners of Fort William, the relevance and importance of all the 12 Commissions were read out, and each Commission’s banner displayed to the parishioners. The number of our parishioners is less – less than 12 – however, an earnest endeavour was made to earmark each member to one or more of the 12 Commissions.

We will continue to the support and implementation of all the commissions of the Parish Pastoral Plan.

-Reported by: Colonel Richard Fernandes, Secretary, 12th Battalion Garhwal Rifles

Grand Inauguration of Pastoral Plan at Stella Maris Church, Garden Reach

On 26 July 2015, a meeting with the Parish Pastoral team was held by the parish priest and details were discussed on how to go about with the inauguration of Pastoral plan. Following Sunday, a meeting was held with all the incharges of 12 concerns. It was decided that we take up all 12 concerns for the inauguration and also give explanation of all 12 concerns to our parishioners as per the plan and direction of Core Pastoral Team. But we will take about 9 concerns initially which are very important to our parish considering the small size of our parish.

Then, on 9th August 15, introduction about the Pastoral plan was given before the entrance procession with the 12 banners. All the 12 posters were presented to the main celebrant as a sign of offering to God and asking God’s help along the way.

 Specially prepared prayer of the faithful was taken up and a well prepared liturgy helped parishioners to get into the mood of being serious about the great job at hand. All the 12 concerns were explained to the parishioners with the whole process that was started in the past two years and about the programme for the year ahead.

Archbishop’s message in both the languages was screened to the parishioners. Pastoral Plan was officially inaugurated and one representative from each concern came to light the candle and then the banners were taken back in the procession outside the church and were displayed for the parishioners and the interaction over tea continued.

It was a different experience for the parishioners. All were very happy to begin with full enthusiasm. This month they will take up the Laity and it will be followed by other concerns. We will try our best with our given limitations.

-Reported by: Fr. Roque Noronha

Inauguration of Pastoral Plan at St. Patrick’s Church, Dum Dum 

On 23 August 2015, St. Patrick’s Church, Dum Dum, solemnly celebrated the inaugural mass to initiate and invigorate the Twelve Commissions of the parish pastoral plan. This remarkable occasion began with a procession which was led by our parish priest Fr. J Hermil D’Souza and ended at the altar. Banners which were held up and carried forward by the twelve members of the parish pastoral council prominently displayed the twelve concerns.
During the mass our parish priest very lucidly elaborated on the pastoral plan and all the concerns in English which was eventually being translated in Bengali by our curate Fr. Arajit Bar. After two years of groundwork and prayerful deliberation by the Archdiocesan Pastoral Core Team, the plan was drawn up on the twelve concerns namely, Christian Life, Ecumenism and Inter- Religious Dialogue, Environment and Social Justice, Evangelization, Education, Family, Healthcare, Laity, Small Christian Communities, Social Communications, Women, Youth. Father urged and encouraged all the parishioners to actively participate and involve themselves in any of the commissions for the successful implementation and proper functioning of the plan. The parishioners and the youth showed great interest in forming various commissions and participating in various activities. At the end of the mass, the procession led all the interested parishioners and youth to the Community Centre for filling up the pastoral leaflets provided to them.

This grand inauguration was successfully accomplished due to the efforts of the Parish Priests, the council members and the youth. Christ’s mission will not progress unless the parishioners who are the stakeholders of the church step forward and fulfill the key priorities and goals of the plan. So we all pledge to continue our journey as a united Christian community to make our church more vibrant.

Reported by:  Sophia Rozario
Photography: by Nikita Marilyn Gomes