Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Leadership Summer Camp

- Jisu Murmu

Every gathering has a purpose and destiny. Every preparation for the purpose becomes a platform of learning new elements of life to be boosted one to self achievement. This year summer camp was on 9th June to 11th June. It was held at Gurap Mission in Hoogly district conducted by Gurap youth in support of Sr.Lidwin Fernandes the main hand to direct the session. There were three days session guide were Fr. Iris Besra SDB, Br. Bahadur, Fr. John Rodgers and Sr. Lidwin Fernandes. It was the ground of learning and evaluate ones self for an ambition to fulfill it. All the youth has a seed of sprouting
from the ground to reach the level of a leader. Most of us are unknown what we are? Where we are? Why we are? and for what we are? It was a session on self-reflection and self-realization. The special attention of three days meeting was at the end, night vigil for God. Thanks to Mr. Anthony Bor and his team I personally enjoyed it though it is not very simple to carry on whole night actively but profitable for life. Unless one is ‘hungry’ never goes in search of food. Ambition must be a hunger to get it. Ambition can never fail you on the way unless you withdraw from it. I personalized peace in my heart, the three days sessions in the training camp created a ‘hungry man’ to race my life to the success.

All the youth need to be aware of this meeting on training oneself as a leader to lead others with care support and love. As a whole it was a self achievement and guidance for living with dignity and self respect. God bless sister, brother and fathers abundantly to achieve their goal to unite youth and continue to lead them to the leadership training and make them Great Leaders in the society.

Diocesan Synod of Calcutta

Kolkata: Archbishop Thomas D’Souza by his official declaration of March 01, 2017, has convoked a Diocesan Synod. This is to be a very important and historic event in the life of the local church – a rare and wonderful exercise bringing freshness and vitality the Archdiocese’s pastoral mission. This Archdiocesan Synod of Calcutta, “Synod 2017”, will take place between 27 September and 1 October 2017, at the Morning Star College and Regional Seminary, Barrackpore. Most parishes have evolved a grass root s pastoral plan, exposed concerns of their communities and generated ideas to improve and strengthen their Parish life. With such a wealth of ideas and information coming from our Parishes, the time is ripe to consolidate the best practices - which are the basis of the Synod Questions. The Code of Canon Law provides Diocesan Synod modalities in Canons 460 to 468. It gives specific rules for initiating, convoking and electing Members to the Synod – which the Archdiocese has already followed for Synod 2017 - and even for the planning of the event, at which the elected Members, lay and religious, opening their hearts to Grace; will study, deliberate and respond to Questions aimed at fulfilling identified pastoral needs. The Archbishop then decides appropriate action – decreeing laws and initiating steps for a renewed pastoral mission – benefiting our communities and Christian life. The theme of the Synod is "Entrusted to the Lord, established by Him.” It is the Lord’s grace which guides the outcomes.

Posters, a booklet and a video message of the Archbishop’s Synod Message will be launched at Churches on 24 – 25 June 2017. Your support through prayer is of utmost importance. For this reason, a special Prayer for the success of the Synod is being Circulated and you are entreated to pray it on your communities, privately and also at all Masses within the archdiocese – so that a huge bouquet of prayer be lifted up to the Heavens.

At the close of the Synod 2017, the salient outcomes will immediately be available as a Declaration from the Archbishop to the people, presented at the concluding Eucharistic Celebration – which will be a public event at which all are warmly invited to share, at the Morning Star College and Regional Seminary Barrackpore, 10:45 a.m

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Festival of Pentecost at Sacred Heart Church


 Kolkata: A grand festival of the Pentecost was relished by the people at the Sacred Heart Church, Dharmatolla from 26th May to the night of 3rd June, 2017 that began with a well-attended novena starting on the 26th June. Encouraged by Fr. Soosai Manickam the parish priest and welcomed also by the parishioners it was organized by the CCCRS. The entire series of services ,climaxed on the night vigil from 9.00 p.m. with recitations of the Holy Rosary, Novena Prayers, Eucharistic celebration Adoration, Healing, Anointing, recitation the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Deliverance, Blessing of Salt, Oil & Salt and concluding the Holy Mass at 4.45 AM.

Fr. Peter Durairaj S.J. who presided over the dawn Mass was available to hear confessions right through the night while Fr. A. C. Jose presided over the Vigil Mass
10.00 PM and did a grand job of conducting the other important programs assisted by Raymond Baptist the chairman and the rest of the team. The choir was reallyinspiring as new hymns rose loud to fill the entire Church with power from the Holy Spirit. Mr. Raymond Baptist, in his own charismatic style, led the faithful into the inter-cession for each other and also took a leading role in the choir. He asked the faithful to face one another while intensely praying for each other's urgent needs by storming the heavens. The choir members, David Dasgupta the musician, Rahul, Marian Joseph, Priscilla Joseph, Tammy Young and Cheryl Cantopher gave life to the whole night vigil while people that filled the Church were fully engrossed in the service. The blessing of Salt, Oil & Water, a novelty this time done by Fr. A. C. Jose, just after the healing, deliverance and infilling of the Holy Spirit sessions, was well appreciated by all; infarct many had brought such articles for the blessing.

In spite of the scorching heat many of the faithful returned back hope filled with the Holy Spirit. The Church premise was filled to its capacity, reminding us of the first Pentecost.