Friday, 11 May 2018

Seminar on Govt schemes organised by Laity Commission


The Laity Commission of the Archdiocese of Calcutta in association with the West Bengal Minority Commission organised a Seminar on schemes and facilities available for the Minorities on Saturday 28th April, 2018 at 5pm at Archbishop's House. The Seminar started with an opening prayer and a hymn by Rev. Fr. Dominic Gomes, the Vicar General and Coordinator of all the Commissions of the Archdiocese of Calcutta. Mr. Alexander Anthony, Secretary of the Laity Commission then welcomed Mr. Michael Shane Calvert, Vice Chairperson of the West Bengal Minority Commission, Dr. Swapan Roy, Manger Education, Mr. Ambar Hussain, Program Executive and Md. Farook, Education Supervisor from the West Bengal Minority Development & Finance Corporation. He also extended a warm welcome to Ms. Elina Dutta Founder Director & Chief Strategy Officer and Mr. Tamojit Dutta, Managing Director from Tribeca Care Pvt. Ltd. and all the representatives from 17 Parishes and 15 Schools from the Kolkata Deanery.

Mr. Shane Calvert informed the participants that the Christian Community is not making full use of all the schemes and facilities available because of lack of awareness and how it is very important to reach information to all parts of the State. He also informed that he has been traveling a lot to the districts and requested Fr. Dominic Gomes to inform all parishes in the districts to approach him when he is there to create awareness among the community to avail of all schemes and facilities available for the minorities. He then introduced the representatives of Tribeca Care to give a short brief of their enterprise and its activities. Ms. Elina Dutta and Mr. Tamojit Dutta informed all present that Tribeca Care is Eastern India's largest Elder Care Company with a social impact mandate. It ha s a triple deckered initiative, focusing on geriatric and home care locked with the reskilling of young adults.

The resource persons from the West Bengal Minority Development & Minority Corporation then gave a power point presentation on Pre and Post Metric Scholarships , Education Loans, loans for Self Help Groups and Small Scale businesses which comes under Minority Women Empowerment programme. In the open house question hour session while answering all the queries put forward by the participants the resource persons assured everybody to contact them directly at their office for any query or help required in applying for any scholarship or loans. Mr. Shane Calvert during concluding session requested all participants to take the help of Mr. Crispin Coelho, teacher and Mr. Francis Gomes, Principal of Park English School for the scholarships as they had helped 670 students to apply and get scholarship disbursements last year and to take the help of the Laity Commission and CAB to apply for loans.

At the end of the seminar Fr. Dominic Gomes thanked Mr. Shane Calvert for his presence and participation and for arranging all the resource persons for the seminar. He also extended his gratitude to the Laity Commission members for organising the Seminar and working very hard to bring more than 100 participants from all the school s and parishes for the seminar . The program ended with light refreshments and tea sponsored by Ms. Angelina Mantosh Jasnani.

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